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In marging of the eclipse of 26 fev 98: some mysteries concerning Mars


I Introduction

  On the 26 February 1998, the total sun eclipse, visible happily in Guadeloupe, and where the sky was released, has allowed us to observe, between other thing, Mars, the red planet, in broad daylight, what is a very rareness.It is maybe then here, the moment to pose us some questions on our neighbor planet, that remain until now without replies.

  Already from 1973, the Major Donald E. Keyhoe who has drawed his salary from the USAF (United States Air Forces) and who has directed for 13 years the NICAP: (American National Committee of inquiries on aerial phenomenon) and who is one of the most documented researchers and whose authority is universally recognized, asserted, in a book published in USA and entitled: " Aliens from space the real story of UFOs " by Doubleday Company, Inc New york 1973, that he got in hands some Mars photos of the NASA taken by Mariner IV, where it is seeing perfectly regular structures in form of canals while the official spheres rejected totally this possibility at the period.

  Launched on 4 December 1996 and after a trip of 497 millions of km and for 7 months running, the March Pathfinder probe posed itselt on the red planet on Friday the 4th of July 97 at 17h 07 GMT, 20 years after 2 successes of the Vikings, arrived in 1976 and then the small robot SOJOURNER has sent thousands of photographs of the plain of Ares Vallis where unfortunatly, it is seeing only stones and sand. Indeed would have-it been more enriched in depositing it in the Cydonia Valley where mysteries more than surprising are waiting us there. Here is the flagrant proof, that described to us admirably Robert DUBOURG-REYNAUD in the remarkable article appeared in the review "Mystery" n° 17 of December 1994 that we reproduce fully below:

II The article of the "Mystery" review

From the "canalis" to the "face": a martian vision century.

  " None planet has aroused so much controversies neither stirred so much passions. Last controversial in date: that of the "Face" of Cydonia, revealed in 1976 by photography transmitted by Viking I. Is it concerns a signal emanating from a defunct civilization or a simple boulder caressed by the low-angled light ? Calculations of computers, in any case, find very strange things.

  The Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli, in the years of 1870, had think to distinguish, on the Mars surface, a whole system of "canalis" irrigating the deserts of the planet. Schiaparelli, seemed-it mystook himself , the canalis, from the scientific community point of vew, were only optic illusion.

  A thirty years later , Nicolas Tesla and Guglielmo Marconi, two famous physicists beleaved to pick up from the red planet, radioelectric signals that they were tempted to attribute to a "foreign intelligence".

  In 1954, a researcher Japanese, the doctor Tsuneo Saheki, observed, on the Mars surface, a extreme bright gleam , followed by lightning, that lasted each time, between three and five seconds.


  This same year, while Mars and the Earth were in opposition, several astronomers could observe gigantic cloudy trainings, demonstrating abruptly in the heart of the Martian afternoon. The phenomenon, that, every time, lasted several months demonstrated again in 1956.

  In 1976, the phantasmagorical martian story was going to enrich itself with a very spectacular chapter. A series of photography transmitted by the American probe Viking I, flying over more than 1500 kilometers of altitude, the planet region baptized Cydonia valley , made clearly appear the form of a face, long of a kilometer and half, to which will be added soon that of a pyramid and of an arrangement of small polyedric structures (to see the image1)

  For the NASA and its specialists of the photographic interpretation, the "face" et the "pyramid" were only very ordinary rocky relief to which only the low-angled light conferred an appearance that it was not.

A geometrical logic

  Until to 1983, this was the position it most generally admitted in the international scientific community. That year, however, one of the consultants of the American spacial agency, Richard Hoagland, had the idea to submit the photography of the "Face" of Cydonia and the closed "pyramids" , to the impartial analysis of a computer. Hoagland thought that like high prehistory places , as Stonehenge or Carnac, the relief arrangement of Cydonia could obey to a geometrical logic and, so, becoming symbolic.

  Calculations to which the scientist and his computer have been trainning gave some staggering results. Thus an observer that would have placed to the center of the small groups polyedric structures would have seen, there are 500 000 years ago, the sun of the Martian solstice to lift exactly in the axis of the "face".

  This observation, if it did not prove anything, led to an other discovery. By prolonging lines that he traced starting from the central polyedreuntil to the face, Hoagland could put in obviousness all an alignment of structures that had not been still noticed up.

A "non-natural" form

  Hoagland who is the president today of "Mars Mission", a group of scientitic dissenters of the NASA, tells convinced that the face was sculpted, in very distant times, to attract on Mars the possible observer attention.The signal, visual in a first time, would be equally mathematical: the angular and spacial relationship analysis that maintain the main Cydonia structures produces systematically the same constants: phi, otherwise called " the gold section " pi, and e, the basis on all natural logarithm.

  Better: profiting the last finds of detection of elaborate forms during the the Gulf war Hoagland submitted the relief of Cydonia to a fractal analysis. This technique, that allows to distinguish even through an elaborate camouflage, a "natural form" an other that "would not be one", had been used successfully by American Intelligence Office against the Saddam Hussein 's tanks.In the case of the Cydonia structures, the verdict of the fractal analysis was final: The face of Mars is the form "less natural" that one could find in a zone of 6000 km2. (Let us note ,with time, that the pictures sent by "Mars Global Surveyor" in April 98 does not show any peculiar thing at this place. But is-it necessary again to believe in the current photographs of the Nasa ?): (to see the image2).

  Others extrapolations, based on others measure were going to lead Hoagland to research, on others planets, what would be found in a particular zone (19.5 degrees above or below the equator) that seemed to indicate some indices delivered by the polyedres of Cydonia. At this latitude, on Earth, Hoagland found hawaian volcanoes, on Mars, Olympus Mons, the highest mountain of whole the solar system and, on Jupiter, the great red mark. Staggering...? Even more, when we know that Hoagland had anticipated that to this same latitude, we would find on Neptune some staggering thing . Two later weeks, on July 89, the probe Voyager confirmed that at this anticipated place, Neptune also had its mark, almost as vast as that of Jupiter.

  The NASA setting upon by every part had accepted, in the beginning of the years of 1990, to make what it could, to clear the matter up. The Mars Observer probe that launched on the month of September 92 had for mission, among others, to photograph again the site, but this time with instruments offering a resolution fifty times superior of these that Viking I had taken sixteen years earlier. We know what happened to Mars Observer: on the 24 Aout 93, close to one year after its launching and while it was approaching the Martian suburbs, the probe ceased suddenly to emit. Four years earlier, the two Soviets phobos had undergone the same bad luck. Coincidences.. ? Hoagland believe nothing about it. For him , there is from there, on the red planet, "secrets that for a reason or an other, one forbidden us to approach too much ". End of the article of the "Mystery" revew ... "

III Revealing continuations

 We have waited patiently from "Mars Global Surveyor" that had to show us in 50 times better, pictures of the "shortened pyramid" called the "fortress" formed of gigantic "walls" structured by three flawless right angles.Nothing of valid has come until yet to satisfy our curiosity.

  Let us note finally that in April 1997 appeared in France at "Editions du Rocher" , a remarkable work on this affair of Mars, from GUY GRUAIS and GUY MOUNY titled: "Guiseh, au-delà des grands secrets" where these authors inform us on the researches that they have undertaken upon about 500 NASA cliches obtained from the Planetary Imagery Service of theSouth-Orsay Faculty. Enlargements of various part of Cydonia Mensaé site, around the "pyramids" and the "famous face" show very clearly alignments, giant rectangular forms resembling to ancient city ruins (to see the image3) and it is even seen there, a circular hill of 2200 m of diameter, two-storeyed, possessing a mi-heigh high plateau all around showing very well a superior dome and supporting a gigantic rectangle of one km long and the online whole to a sort of access slope on board perfectly rectilinear of more of 900 m.(to see the image4) And all that is integrated in a geometrical framework where are reigning the gold-number and the egyptian cubits."Mars Global Surveyor" the probe above-mentioned, orbitting around Mars from the 12 September 1997, as well as its small sister that has been launched fine 1998 and whose cameras will allow, for each, to distinguish objects o f the size of a car, go-they finally to remove the terrible doubt that besets upon us and divides scientists?

  As tell it then English people : " WAIT AND SEE."

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   Making out this article on the 26/08/ 99 and up dating it on the 07/05/2001.


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